We help our customers in the design and implementation of tangible and lasting improvements to their operations and processes.

Sharing Projects

We have been key players in sharing projects in Spain pioneers worldwide for more than 5 years which gives us a deep understanding e2e of sharing projects

Our capabilities cover:

  • Definition and assessment of the opportunity
  • Support in the definition of agreements between operators
  • Elaboration of Business Case
  • Project management
  • Saving targets assurance
  • Analysis of information network quality
  • Operation management.

Aware of the difficulty of information management in such projects we have developed a Project Tool "Vega" that facilitates the consolidation of data from multiple areas and formats streamlining project progress and improving the availability and exchange of information between operators.

We apply several Service Lines’ methodologies: Project Management IM+G and Business Analytics

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Our services include:

  • Consultancy

    • Helping mobile operators to evaluate and identify new opportunities to optimize CAPEX and reduce OPEX through sharing agreements
    • Taking part throughout the negotiation process from the first approach to the final contract
    • Designing specific Business Cases driving different scenarios
  • Project management

    • Full involvement from the pre-launching of the project across all the areas to ensure the project success.
    • Definition and follow-up of the different interchange documents and data between operators (universe of sites planning & activations accountability blocking points…)
    • Project Monitoring and control of the project coordinating all participating areas design and generation of reporting implementation of project governance
  • Quality control

    • Quality control of the shared network including KPI calculation and analysis to ensure compliance with the agreed SLAs
  • Customization of a project management and information tool

    • Which streamline communication and coordination between multiple areas involved:
    • Integrating smooth workflows and engines to focus the pipeline of every area
    • Data alignment from different sources
    • Providing engines crossing several databases: Site Management Financial information customer areas vendors service provider/receiver customer zones quality and transmission areas…
    • Early opportunity detection and inconsistency clean-up warranting a reliable information data set
    • Reducing to one-click complex calculation schemes and specific filtered items
    • Change control tracking based on a large import tool set

Site management

The main and quickest way for a Mobile Operator to reduce OpEx is based in renegotiating rents. Berocam has developed its own methodology based on 7 years of experience managing successful projects allowing operators to maximize the OpEx savings accelerating the negotiation process and avoiding negative impacts on the network such as site withdrawals or conflicts with the owners.

Our goal is to steadily increase the value of the operator’s sites plant while improving its stability and ensuring the network coverage and availability. We are focused on landlord satisfaction and legal regulations fulfillment and we seek continuous savings (rents energy sharing Transmission…).

Site Management encompasses a diverse set of activities that must be coordinated jointly:

  • Legalization
  • Acquisition
  • Landlord care
  • Resolution blockages and accesses
  • Repair and maintenance of buildings
  • Contractual and administrative management
  • Renegotiation due to expiration servitudes or sharing issues
  • Passive sharing

Our experience starts in 2009 as the PMO for the first and most successful rent-reduction project in Spain and the implementation of a new and integral site management model.

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Through proactive negotiations various strategic objectives can be achieved:

  • Rental reduction
  • Renewal or lengthening of rental contract terms.
  • Contract modifications beneficial to the operator.

To achieve this we propose a methodology based on:

  • Analysis of all locations to identify savings or contractual improvement opportunities.
  • Review of market dynamics to set objectives by type area or environment.
  • Definition of a re-negotiation plan.
  • Identification and selection of the best re-negotiation strategies depending on operator objectives.
  • Definition of a compensation model for specialized firms based on re-negotiation results.
  • Implementation of a governance model and a PMO for the plan's execution.
  • Definition of a continuous improvement process to input partial results into the models and to maximize the final objective.

The Site Management encompasses a diverse set of activities that must be coordinated together applying PMO methodology to ensure the objectives and organization alignment:

  • Acquisition: identifying the best hunting strategy thanks to rents benchmarking and cost/benefit analysis
  • Legalization: keeping under control legal needs calendars third-parties involved...
  • Landlord care: keeping under control the relationship with the landlords (incidences bill collection…) and making the operator able to anticipate conflicts
  • Blockages and access Resolution: defining clear and useful dashboards to continuously improve time resolution
  • Contracts management: providing fast and reliable information about all the relevant aspects of site contracts
  • Renegotiations needed because of network lifecycle (expiration right of way new sharing…)
  • Passive Sharing: finding sharing opportunities both ways (applicant and requested) monitoring the sharing process and enabling tight control on the shared network (infrastructure billing…)

Network Performance

Most Telco operators are still anchored in performance models based on network KPIs and oriented to voice and basic data services. We are exploring with some of them the best way to evolve towards a new paradigm that aims to measure and understand their customer’s experience considering different apps profiles and use cases. With the following objective:

  • Integrate very important amounts of data (Quality traffic load…) from all available sources (OSS Drive tests probes robots agents…) using our business intelligence capabilities to transform it in information which shows actual client perceptions of network performance.
  • Apply our experience to define the best KPIs and benchmarks.
  • Generate an attractive reporting action-driven and reflecting the performance of the network by applying our Berocam's Graphical Excellence standards
  • Evolve to Business Intelligence platforms as Tableau to enhance interactivity by receiver manage different levels of aggregation and facilitate their broadcasting and online availability.
  • We follow-up on the implementation of the action points based on their importance and potential for improvement.

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We have worked for all main operators in Spain and some vendors who have request our service to solve several kinds of network performance issues:

  • The starting point of some of our customers has been: "I have a lot of information I generate a comprehensive report but management does not use it". We redesigned using our "Graphical Excellence" the reports to display information attractively instance of data allowing the generation of questions and actions by the different stakeholders
  • On other occasions we have had to quantify the impact on network performance caused by a Rollout project evaluating the effect of technology equipment rollout project itself or maintenance service
  • In recent projects the problem formulated has been "having too many sources of information unrelated or providing contradictory view" In these cases we applied statistical methods and BA criteria to link information and generate the most accurate picture of network performance


We provide PMO services in different kinds of network deployment projects based on technologies (FTTH FTTN ULL Radio Transmission) or evolution status (greenfield modernization optimization expansion consolidation).

We are aware that deployment projects require a comprehensive view of the processes and the ability to coordinate activities and diverse stakeholders throughout their implementation. Proper management is the only way to get high-quality networks with optimal use of physical and economic resources.

We are recognized for our engagement in achieving the objectives and for this purpose we focus on micromanagement to solve the blockages on each element of the project.

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Our approach involves multi-functional and comprehensive project management:

  • Planning
  • Project monitoring and industrialization
  • Consolidation validation and inventory of Information
  • Generation of reporting
  • Forecasts creation and management
  • Risk management
  • Quality control
  • Economic control (budgeting deviations forecasting and control of working capital)
  • Customer Transfer Back

Operation & Maintenance

In a market increasingly focused on customer experience we firmly believe that Network Operations are a distinguishing attribute for operators who focus on their performance and the pursuit of excellence to meet users’ expectations. It is also one of the most demanding Telecommunications environments: very high pressure on costs service providers control direct impact on customer satisfaction continuous need for performance information…

Berocam has a wide-open view of Outsourcing processes for Operators and Vendor and we can help our customers in several ways such as:

  • Outsourcing model definition and agreements negotiation
  • Transition PMO to ensure startup without service impact
  • Service Management Office (SMO) in charge of KPIs QPIs and SLAs calculation report generation and governance leadership to ensure Service Providers performance and quality
  • Performance optimization of Service Providers is based on:
    • Definition of competitive environment among providers
    • Custom tracking of performance for each supplier
    • Partners development programs designed to identify areas and processes for operational improvement both internal and shared with the operator

In these projects we have applied all our Service Lines (Process Assessment Change management PMO IM+G and Business Intelligence) being our main clients Operators and Vendors

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Berocam has worked on transformation processes in the Operations area for operators vendors and local service providers. Therefore we perfectly know their needs and difficulties and this deep knowledge enables us to help our clients to steadily improve their service KPIs and to think up new ways to measure and improve the performance of their networks. They have requested our service to solve several kind of issues:

  • Our client: A service provider working for a major telecommunications company. "We have access to a lot of data and we are improving our service but our client will not use our reports and does not value our work". Using our graphical excellence and experience we redesigned all reports to display information attractively and intuitively instead of raw data we improved information flows and prioritized the information we verified providers processes and timing and we reached a consensus between client and provider to facilitate a common governance. Our client was congratulated.
  • Our client: A service provider working for a telecommunications company. "Our client tells us that our network roll-out and equipment is hurting network availability relative to their competition Help us determine if that is the case."
  • We executed an exhaustive study and analysis with the support of BI tools statistics and sector benchmarks of available operator and vendor data regarding network availability differences. We managed to quantify the impact of the roll out the equipment the maintenance... demonstrating that the impact was far inferior to what was believed. Our client was able to improve his image with the operator and to develop new business.
  • Our client: A telecommunications operator with a service contract
  • "Our O+M provider justifies not attaining SLA´s because he says the initial network status is worse than what we initially communicated. Additionally he demands additional compensation to continue providing service".
  • In collaboration with the operator management team we made an objectiver evaluation of the provider's quality of work diagnostic performance ticket emission fieldwork technical capacity and engaged resources... This allowed a significant reduction of the supplier's complaints and allowed both companies in improving performance and seeking fair solutions.

Suppliers management and Quality control

We improve the quality of operations designing and implementing competitive environment among providers with objective measurements of KPIs and QPIs analyzed jointly with suppliers in strict and regular Governance. The model is adjusted by varying the distribution of quotas based on performance “best grows worst out”

We help the development of our customer’s suppliers through the comprehensive evaluation of their activities processes interactions with our customer organization financial structure ... identifying supplier or joint improvement areas quantifying savings and implementing the plan development.

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We work with Vendors and Operators in the quality assurance of network construction (BQA) and maintenance (MQA) in multiple ways:

  • Defining and managing Suppliers objective quality control models
  • Implementing transformation programs including quality function analysis diagnosis and implementation of recommendations on the processes used by the different responsible (Vendors engineering subcontracts
  • PMO for Quality Assurance
    • Definition of quality control model
    • Specifications project management tool
    • Definition and calculation of KPIs analysis of f recurrence
    • Benchmarking between projects
    • Reporting and Governance Support