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what we do.

Data Architecture

We analyze, design, and size the appropriate data architecture, adapting to the existing technology. We propose and deploy reference architectures and execute your migration strategy to the cloud.

Data Management

We connect to any data source: operational databases, management solutions such as ERP, CRM, etc., data repositories, files, portals, APIs, robots, external information, etc. We generate integration processes and data pipelines for batch data, event capture, or real-time information. We ensure data quality, structure and organize data to avoid information silos, and extract the maximum business value, maintaining reference and traceability with the origins.

Business Analytics

We develop solutions for end-user consumption, Dashboards, corporate reporting, and new query tools to support decision-making at all levels.

AI and Advanced Analytics

We design and develop use cases based on machine learning and artificial intelligence with reliable results for established business objectives: demand prediction, propensity to purchase, extraction of key information from documents and specifications, optimization of fiber deployment budgeting, call categorization, predictive maintenance, etc.

Data Discovery

We assist our clients in incorporating processes and technologies that enable the analysis and extraction of patterns and relationships within complex data sources.

Data Strategy

We identify business objectives, conduct a maturity analysis, and define a strategy to transform the company into a data-driven organization. This includes designing KPIs to measure achievement and implementing a monitoring system for tracking progress.

Data Governance

We design and implement comprehensive Data Governance programs to ensure data quality, traceability, availability, as well as the definition and implementation of SLAs, procedures, policies, roles, and responsibilities.

Adoption Plan + Change Management

We design and guide the organization to embrace the value of data as a corporate asset in its culture, and we define a change management plan to ensure a smooth transition.

Data Due Dilligence

We conduct audits of a company's data assets to provide a complete valuation. We perform a thorough evaluation of data quality, integrity, and relevance, along with an assessment of data collection and storage processes. We identify risks and opportunities, offering recommendations to support decision-making in business transactions, mergers, acquisitions, or to ensure regulatory compliance in data handling.

Business Consulting

We deploy Project Management Offices and provide services in critical business areas, both technically and operationally. This includes outsourcing these activities or forming mixed teams with our clients.