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We present our new corporate image..


The new image reflects the evolution that the firm has undergone, positioning itself as the trusted expert partner in Data & Analytics, without abandoning its essence as a consulting boutique.

berocam has officially launched its new image, adopting a more modern appearance aligned with its current corporate identity. An image that reflects its way of working: experience applied to providing customized solutions to each client and focused on accompanying them on their journey towards a data-driven organization.

From its beginnings, berocam has consistently stood out as a unique consultancy, concentrating on large companies with intricate challenges and specific needs, necessitating a high level of expertise and comprehensive service customization.

“This new image reflects the renewed values of the firm, without losing its essence as a consulting boutique, reinforcing the commitment we have made to incorporate Data & Analytics services into our portfolio”., states Antonio Rodríguez Bes, CEO of the company. “Excellence in deliverables, a focus on people, and constant innovation are the pillars of this new stage for berocam”.

berocam was born over 15 years ago as a consulting boutique, specializing in the Telco sector and Project Management. In recent years, it has evolved into a highly specialized firm in Data & Analytics, establishing itself as a reference in this field across various sectors such as Industry, Telco, Insurance, and Automotive.

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